Quality Handmade Snuffle Mats


Local Handmade Snuffle Mats available in custom colours.



Local Handmade Snuffle Mats

Available in custom colours.

What are snuffle mats?

Snuffle Mats provide enrichment and mental stimulation to your Dog or Cat, They use their senses to find treats or Dry food hidden deep within the material of the mat.

Snuffling or mental stimulation for 10 minutes can equate to up to an hour of physical activity.

Whilst these mats do not replace your dogs need for exercise, they are a wonderful addition to your pets daily routine. Snuffle Mats are great for growing puppies or older dogs and those in recovery whose physical exercise would be limited. Can reduce anxiety and other stress related behaviours. Slows down a Food bolting dog when meals are fed in the mat. Sniffing and snuffling uses energy without increasing adrenalin resulting in a calmer more relaxed pet.

Available in Small (13×13″minimum)  Medium (16×17″minimum) & Large (20×20″ minimum)