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We have many products which I will be adding to the website gradually please message us for more details we Will be happy to email you a copy
Dog Food

Pork Spaghetti Strips 100g


Strips of Pork naturally dried make great treats

Lamb Spaghetti 35cm 100g


Naturally Dried strips of lamb ideal as tasty snack or cut up as rewards

Lamb Spaghetti short


Naturally dried strips of lamb nothing else

Beef Jerky x 6


Naturally Dehydrated British beef heart ideal as training treats.

Chicken Hearts 100g


Naturally Dried, lean protein source popular with dogs and cats.

JR Natural Meat Sticks


Dried strips of meat containing 100% meat Various Flavours Duck, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Goat, Ostrich, Venison, Kangaroo, Rabbit or Salmon to choose from

Turkey Liver Bites 100g


Naturally Dried Turkey Liver great training treat

Beef Liver Treats 100g


Naturally dried Beef Liver

JR Dried Meat Training Treats Various


Naturally Dried Meat treats contain nothing but 100% single meat/ fish available in Duck, Lamb, Beef, Venison, Kangaroo, Goat, Rabbit and Salmon varieties. rrp £4.99

JR Meat Pate 400g


100% Meat or Fish Pate available in various flavours Chicken, Turkey, Beef or Lamb.

Natural Hairy Rabbit Ears 100g/200g


A Natural chew/treat also a great natural worm treatment. Dogs love them why not try these healthy wormer options. 200g - £8.00

Natural Rabbit Ears 100g


Rabbit Ears with out hair provide a tasty treat.

Hairy Lamb Ears 100g


Natural Dried Tasty treat helps with natural worming.

Lamb Lung Strips


Naturally Dried Lamb Lung Strips. tasty low fat chewy treats
Snuffle & Tug

Quality Handmade Snuffle Mats


Local Handmade Snuffle Mats available in custom colours. Small, Medium & Large sizes What are snuffle mats? Snuffle Mats provide enrichment, mental stimulation to your Dog and Cat. They use their senses to find treats/food hidden deep within the material of the mat. Snuffling or mental stimulation for 10 minutes can equate to up to an hour of physical activity. Whilst these mats do not replace your dogs need for exercise, they are a wonderful addition to your pets daily routine. Snuffle Mats are great for growing puppies, older dogs and those in recovery whose physical exercise would be limited. Can reduce anxiety and other stress related behaviours. Slows down a Food bolting dog when meals are fed in the mat. Sniffing/snuffling uses energy without increasing adrenalin resulting in a calmer more relaxed pet.

Local Handmade Tuggies


Bright, colourful Tug Toys for dogs in various shapes and sizes. Designed to encourage interactive play between dog & Owner, increases confidence and strengthens your bond. A valuable Training Asset, great to encourage faster/better recalls, more focus and a great way of rewarding good behaviour through play every dog should love a game of tug. Enquire today about our special offer..